EW Lux electric lift installed in the province of Bolzano

The presence of an elevator is one of the key factors when considering moving to a larger building floors, and it is one of the reasons why we are increasingly asked to install our electric elevators in old condominiums that do not have them.

This electric lift from our EW Lux line is the perfect example of how our structures can also be installed in very limited spaces, to help transport weights and support elderly people or those with mobility problems.

Elewatt EW Lux: maximum comfort in minimal space

This electric mini lift, installed in the province of Bolzano, increases the value of the building because it makes it easily accessible even on the highest floors, making the most of the little space available in the stairwell.

Our designers managed to perfectly fit this vertical transport system also thanks to a very advantageous feature of our elevators: the electric motor is positioned in the hoistway and the electrical control panel is located in a landing door.

This particular quality avoids the need for a machine room which, in classically designed elevators, is the basis of the need for space.

Electric lifts for private homes: customized solutions for every need

Pangea, a company with vast experience based in Bolzano, is available to customers for any need and clarification: from the choice of the model to the stylistic details to the explanation of the installation procedure of the chosen minilift. All decisions will be shared with customers in order to create a truly tailor-made installation.