Accessibility for all: solutions beyond all barriers

Pangea identifies with the multiple realities of each person. The access also celebrated during an important elevation fair Interlift 2023, obtained by the removal of any architectural barrier allows disabilities to overcome the obstacles that prevent the freedom to move , allowing independence of movement. Some of Pangea’s key words in the field of lifts for the disabled are adaptability, versatility and solution.

Where architectural barriers exist (all too frequent), Pangea intervenes, offering a solution to the obstacle and building tailor-made elevators calibrated to people’s needs.

Architectural barriers are all those elements that constitute a limitation or impediment to the movement of people with disabilities, discordant with the freedom of movement that everyone should have. Accessibility is a person’s right and any step, ladder or construction obstacle that limits their freedom must be demolished. Literally and physically.

In fact, it often happens that a home or a structure, even a recent one, is not equipped to accommodate an elevator inside. In fact, it is not always possible to intervene by building a lift inside the building due to the problem it would cause for the load-bearing structure. This obstacle no longer exists, since Pangea does not stop at the limit it encounters, but builds around it. The solution is to look beyond: building elevators and external lifting platforms is the step beyond the problem.