Our company, based in Bolzano, is able to supply this line of lifting platforms thanks to an innovative patented technology that uses two direct current batteries to operate the system, thus allowing a drastic reduction in consumption for the same use.

The “Elewatt” platform, indeed, uses up to 150 watts to operate at full capacity, and in apartment buildings requires only the standard power of a private home or the stairway light meter, with no need to upgrade the electricity supply.

Furthermore, these systems can also be connected to a network that uses energy produced by photovoltaic panels or other renewable sources.

Environmental sustainability of production is one of our priorities, in line with the European trend that favors new technologies capable to increase the energy efficiency of buildings.

The constructive versatility of our systems allows us to meet any design requirement of our customers and realize platforms that can also adapt to existing structures, with excellent aesthetic and functional results.

With an eco-friendly concept and a fully customizable design, our elevators have had great success in our region but also in the rest of Italy and Europe, especially in Austria and Germany.