Customized elevators: quality and safety with taste

Pangea customized elevators are the ideal combination for those seeking quality and freedom of expression; because the possibility of customizing the lift is also part of the reasons for evaluation and preference. Being able to have a lift aesthetically in line with the living or structural context is an important stimulus in the choice.

Why settle? Having the possibility to choose, even in this case, is a great advantage for every customer. Everyone’s taste is different and it is important that you find satisfaction.

For this reason, Pangea elevators contain within themselves the technical and aesthetic solution to every request. From a technical point of view, they are the product resulting from the combination of quality, savings, safety and comfort. From an aesthetic point of view, the Pangea lifting platforms are instead an example of how even an elevator can still follow a unique and refined design. After all, it too is part of the home and can be “dressed up” with style.

Car walls, doors, gates and floors: customization of elevators, from material to color

Every element that makes up an elevator, from the cabin doors to the gate, is fundamental. And for this reason, Pangea offers a vast choice of different colors and materials to satisfy the idea behind the creative desire of each customer.

The panels that make up the door walls, the cabin and the ceiling can be made of two different materials. In stainless steel, polished or satin finish; or a beautiful RAL painted, with the most diverse colours: yellow, blue, pink and many others. Just search and choose from the Pangea catalogue.

Not just doors and cabin, even the floor can become everyone’s personal palette; it is sufficient to choose the material and pattern that best reflects the tastes and style of the home. For example, a beautiful novelty is the granit floor, which creates that much appreciated “marble-like” idea. Or the more traditional PVC floor, in multiple variations.

Infinite combinations of finishes, colours, glass and dimensions, easily adaptable to any environment even with regards to doors and gates.

Furthermore, Pangea elevators, which do not neglect details, also focus on the accessories: from the display to the handrail in wood or satin. Everything is relevant and does not go unnoticed.

The final result is one: the uniqueness and the great adaptability that Pangea elevators offer. For each request, its solution.

In the many installation cases completed, it has been demonstrated that each structure has been able to fully accommodate a “bulky” integration such as a lift. And how, at the same time, everything was still in perfect balance.

An example of customization and quality: an elegant home in Bavaria

A perfect example is the electric lift that Pangea created for a private home in Rosenheim in Bavaria; an elevator that is absolutely uniform with the identity of the home.

The chosen color tone found a perfect match with the wood of the interior of the house. It fits harmoniously into the context, maintaining the balance between the parts. It is an optimal choice for this space. Furthermore, the lift of the EwFlex line brings important advantages, because the high energy efficiency (the result of careful design) translates into low energy consumption.

All this is proof that style and savings can coexist, without excluding each other.